Hutchison Announces Additional Legislative Targets

Mark Hutchison and Stronger Nevada PAC announced additional legislative targets for the 2022 cycle. Stronger Nevada PAC recently released its initial list of targets and will continue to monitor races as they develop.

“Through the hard work of the Nevada GOP Senate Caucus, the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus, and the Nevada Republican Party, Republicans have left no seat unchallenged in the 2022 election cycle,” said PAC Chairman Mark Hutchison. “I look forward to being fully engaged in winning Republican majorities in our legislature and electing a Republican governor and believe we are in an exact position to do both.”

Initial Stronger Nevada PAC targets can be found here.

Additional Target Races

Senate District 13 – Open

Assembly District 3 – Selena Torres

Assembly District 8 – Duy Nguyen

Assembly District 16 – Cecelia Gonzalez

Assembly District 27 – Open

Assembly District 30 – Natha Anderson

Assembly District 34 – Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

Assembly District 42 – Tracy Brown-May

Mark Hutchison Announces Legislative Target Races

Stronger Nevada PAC is announcing its target races for the 2022 cycle.

“We strongly believe these races are lean Republican or toss-up and give Republicans an excellent opportunity to win both legislative chambers,” said PAC Chairman Mark Hutchison. “We will evaluate new races as they develop and expect to add potentially more targets to our list over the course of the cycle. I will be fully engaged and involved in Nevada elections this cycle. We have assembled a great team at Stronger Nevada, which I believe will lead the way to a Republican majority in Nevada.”

Stronger Nevada PAC spent $2.5 million in 2020 helping conservatives win 7 elections. It has already hit that fundraising mark for the 2022 cycle.

Target Races

Senate District 8 – Marilyn Dondero Loop

Senate District 9 – Melanie Scheible

Senate District 12 – Open

Assembly District 1 – Daniele Monroe-Moreno

Assembly District 5 – Brittney Miller

Assembly District 9 – Steve Yeager

Assembly District 12 – Susie Martinez

Assembly District 21 – Elaine Marzola

Assembly District 29 – Lesley Cohen

Assembly District 35 – Michelle Gorelow

Assembly District 41 – Sandra Jauregui


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